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They contain technical criteria specific to various types of technologies and performance-based requirements which focus on functional capabilities of covered products.Specific criteria cover software applications and operating systems, web-based information and applications, computers, telecommunications products, video and multi-media, and self-contained closed products.I received the informative and timely email, Paquerar & Namorar, about the way Brazilians "flirt, hook up and hang out". The times I have been told "no", there's always been a caveat: no, I have a wife; I wish but I'm leaving the country; Aww man, I just started seeing someone; I'm in a troubling time (I love my ESL men). If you meet someone, and you like them, and you’re at a place where it’s appropriate, you kiss them. They don't date in Brazil; she's getting used to the whole dating process now that she's newly single but doesn't like it.I enjoy such social anthropological type-writings and only a 2 days prior, I'd met a dynamic Brasileira and our conversation landed on the topic of dating and the what-to-do-whens. In my life, I may have other commitments and obligations and because of those, I can't be spontaneous in romance or hook-ups. A few other notes: don’t play games by waiting days to call. Also, in Brazil there’s no formal “dating” culture. I can like you a lot and still won't kiss you for a long time.

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