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These unforgettable land features wind through and around each hole, giving them their own unique identity.

Peter’s Church, the parish where Rhoda and her family worshiped.

Set in a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown Canton, the Rhoda Wise “Miracle House” at 2337 25 Street NE, is a tiny, vinyl-sided ranch in a residential area of similar, nondescript dwellings. Near the four-way intersection at the end of the block sit a hair salon and a barber shop.

The house has no sign or marker attached, and most drivers likely pass by without so much as a turn of the head, unaware of the shrine or its amazing history.

To kick things off, June webinars will cover policy year 2017 renewal, the 2-percent early pay discount and future dating of payments.

The Quarry, situated just minutes from Downtown Canton, is a unique target-style golf course.


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