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Ever since the disappearance of his parents, he had taken it upon himself to keep the family business going, and vowed to surpass his father's smithing skills.

With the Skulkin Army invading his village and taking Nya hostage, Kai is motivated to accept Master Wu's offer to learn Spinjitzu.

He eventually teams up with the other Ninja to seek the four fabled weapons of Spinjitzu to stop Lord Garmadon.

Jay was raised in a junkyard with his parents, Ed and Edna, from whom he gained his inventing skills.


But if they did, by some miracle, find the light bulbs, TWO DAYS LATER the chair that they dragged from two rooms over to stand on to change the STUPID light bulb would STILL BE IN THE SAME SPOT!!!!!!!

He is the first to learn Spinjitzu at the Caves of Despair, and helps the others learn it as well.

BM was started in the summer of 2006 after over 3 years of development as an offshoot from Bike, predominantly aimed at being a dating site. Matt is the site owner who designed BM from the ground up (as a hobby) and continues to maintain it with voluntary help from the moderators who are here to ensure forum etiquette, check profiles/photos are legit and to stop you (the members) from being spammed by malicious users.

However, over the years it has progressed into a more broader social site with members organising ride outs, meet ups, BBQs, international trips and we’re now in the 2nd year of our very own rally – started and organised by the BM Members – the K. The moderators can also help you with any site issues or queries, but please check the Help page first.

It will also connects you with people who can understand and share the same biker lifestyle as yours.

This review site DO not promote any biker dating business.


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