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Students were introduced to four tools in the first part of the unit, so they are ready to use them by the 4th week of the unit.

We used the Techsperts model, I ran one session at lunch time per tool, and invited 2 students from each class to attend that intro session, 9 x 2 students = 18...

But after the initial weeks of guided enquiry, we wanted to find a way for the students to be able to effectively present their understanding of their final experiment.I saw a Playstation 3 kiosk at the local Target tonight. Ilwinter Design's game Dominions 3: The Awakening comes tantalizingly close to being that replacement.It looks like for 0 you can buy a box that renders a desert and a motorcycle with a remarkably high level of detail that is also remarkably free... Earlier this year, I was treated to the tedious train wreck that was GRAW. The game does have the signature Splinter Cell stealth mechanics. Today, I want to take a look at the game — available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux — and talk about its high and low points.books called "Harry Potter and the Childish Adult." In this review she roundly criticized not Rowling, but the adults who chose to read her books.She said, essentially, that there was something fundamentally misshapen about adults who would choose to invest so many hours in a work created for children.Some may be closer to being produced than others, particularly when they come from a large company like Braun or Samsung. The Cloud sofa is supposed to give one the illusion of floating on their own personal cloud.


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