The book club speed dating review

Eight Book Squad members pitched four books each in five minutes—moving from table to table when the timekeeper told us to advance.It was a raucous, fast-paced event that was fun for both presenters and attendees.Regular readers of London Living will know that the lack of time available to Londoners is something we have looked at before.It was the reason behind our PA for the Day competition, aimed at giving Londoners more time for themselves.However, on the day itself, fresh from work, with the Monday blues and a streaming cold, I was not feeling my most enthusiastic.

The dimly-lit, sparsely furnished basement was low key and welcoming, and strangers comfortably mingled before the official proceedings had even begun.Magnetising the creative and intellectual folk of East London, TBC is worlds apart from the typical London bar scene, albeit slightly colonised by hipsters. It’s a former Victorian warehouse so is fortunate to be graced with ample open space and giant windows offering buckets of natural light during those warm summer evenings.The venue design is an interesting combination of raw, organic looking materials and soft vintage furnishings giving it a very placid vibe.It was not uncommon in the early days of speed dating to find the female daters clustered together in the loos, bonding over a shared despair at the lack of social graces displayed by their male counterparts.And the venues - most often than not sleazy West End chain bars - were only conducive to romance after imbibing an unhealthy number of discounted spirits.With five minutes to pair up and chat, conversations just managed to extend beyond the repetitive "is this your first time? "; questions that invariably lead one to invent increasingly creative responses in an effort to stay alert by date number 10.


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